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We coach and support householders to budget and manage their income and expenses to reduce their debt, be able to save and eventually afford holidays and live a stress free life.

We provide templates that families can use to balance their budgets, children learn from these how to manage their pocket money or part time income and soon enjoy the achievement of saving for something special.


Senior and Family Budgets

Budget templates designed for parents, singles and seniors to help with identifying what you earn, spend and save.  Working out your budget provides you with a means of living a stress free life.




FreeMe Budgets

Budget templates designed for the 18 to 25 year age group.  Handy income and expense sheet to kick off your saving and spending plans for a comfortable young adult lifestyle.


TeenMe Budgets

Budget templates designed for the 12 to 17 year age group. Whether you are working part time or just trying to manage your pocket money wisely this income and expense sheet will help.




MiniMe Budgets

Dad and Mum, this template will help your 5 to 11 year old children begin to understand how to manage their pocket money and how they can save for something special.


DIY Budgeting Workshops

Our workshops are designed to assist you in recognizing where you spend your hard earned dollars and how to identify where you can make some savings particularly with your utility bills.




Personal One-On-One Support

Your place or ours, we are flexible in our support and assistance to help you set up and manage your budget successfully


Family Group Support

Get the family together and hold your own personalized workshop with all age groups supported in their own budget program.