We formed a partnership in 2012 - TJ Consulting Services , after realising our pre-disposition to dotting our I's, crossing our T's and with strong work ethics, came the realisation that there may be a need within small to medium organisations for help to set up their systems to meet quality standards. Research provided information on areas where coaching and support was most needed and led both partners to studying for their Diploma in Quality Lead Auditing.


Email: Trish.Crosby@tjcs.com.au
Mobile: 0422 078 852


Email: Jacqui.Coates@tjcs.com.au
Mobile: 0438 202 360


Whilst studying, we commenced mentoring businesses in their first year of operation providing a range of advice from marketing to setting up simple financial records.
Other areas of interest for us are the preparation of compliance plans, registered training organisation validation assessments and preparation for accreditation. Developing a positive workplace culture and coaching those entering the workforce for the first time on their rights and responsibilities is also enthusiastically supported within the business arena.



We have identified within communities a need for DIY Budgeting Systems and have commenced coaching and supporting householders to budget and manage their income and expenses to reduce their debt, be able to save and eventually afford holidays and live a stress free life. We provide templates that families can use to balance their budgets, children learn from these how to manage their pocket money or part time income and soon enjoy the achievement of saving for something special.

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